Sunday, July 10, 2005

Trust me

I saw someone wearing this t-shirt today... and I thought to myself - that t-shirt should really say, "Trust me, I'm NOT a lawyer!" I don't hate lawyers... I just don't trust most of them!

See more fun t-shirts here!

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Jessica Lovejoy said...

Oh man that is funny! By the way you should watch moer Simpsons episodes..."I learned I can make men do whatever I want" is the famous line Jessica Lovejoy says to Bart at the end of the episode, to which he responds "Well, then you really haven't learned anything."...which was my point..I haven't..have I? Anyway, I see you are from Dallas, cool, because I want to move to Houston and NEVER see winter again! So, I'm asking if Texas is a great as I am led to believe.