Monday, July 4, 2005

Happy 4th!

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy fourth of July!!

I think we can all celebrate our independance!! And just so they don't feel excluded, even our British friends can participate.


esprit de folie said...

Happy 4th!! (better late than never) Did you see some fireworks?

Rob said...

Yeah... a big show on the 3rd and we played with our own on the 4th!.. BOOM!!! Weeeeeee

Big Dipper said...

I think the less power the politicians have the better. Having said that our law makers are all pompous Lords who weren't elected. How can you have someone who the country didn't elect make important decisions?
George Bush might know after his last term.
Happy 4th July for you. You have proved you are better off without us ...except maybe your TV programmes.