Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sweet & something :)

To all you doubters... SEE?!!! I am Sweet & innocent!!

Ummm wait... ok I need to find a quiz that proves I'm innocent too ;)

Are You Evil........or are you nice?

You are the sweetest person you can ever imagine a person to be, you hardly ever think of yourself you mostly think of others. you never cause trouble but when you do you take action for you mistakes. Take this quiz!
Latin lesson for today:
Raptus regaliter (Royally screwed)


Mellissa said...

I totally thought that about you Rob.

You really are the sweetest person!!!

Good morning!


Anonymous said...

....You have a split personality evil and nice, you somtimes can cause trouble but other times you are as nice as an angel. you sometimes think of yourelf and sometimes think of others..... ~blink