Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Karen!!

Happy birthday Karen!

For your birthday I wrote this down
to make you smile and wipe away the frown

You are still special, no matter what some say
no more helmet required, when you go out to play

the short bus is empty, because you're not on board
you've graduated from special school, they cut the cord

You know I'm just kidding, I think you have smarts
You run the other direction when someone else farts

You're lovely and beautiful, both inside and out
many people love you, that's without a doubt

I'll smile and miss you while you are away
cuz only you empty my drool cup everyday



Karen said...

AWWWWWWWWWW....thank you "special" friend...can you say "special"?? mmmmmmmmm...raisins!!

Seriously...thanks...I think :P

Top cat said...

rob..I think this is one of your finest pieces of literary work..and no one is more deserving than the lovely and beautiful Karen...heh heh heh

Happy Birthday Karen

Kali said...

*falling off chair laughing again* I love this hee hee.
*pausing to feed a snack to my namesake spider*