Wednesday, January 18, 2006

On being blond...

During some down time at work, I decided to socialize with some of my co-workers. We talked about everything including movies, love, chocolate and life in general.

Our conversation turned to gas prices and the efficiency of some European countries. I excitedly interjected that one particular country that is well known for it's "chocolate, watches, banks and beautiful women actually provides most of its electrical needs with wind power! Yeah those Swedish have it made!..."

Everyone stopped and looked at me.

I froze and looked around like I had just been caught picking my nose in front of everyone.

"Didn't you mean Switzerland? Like Swiss watches, SWISS chocolate and SWISS banks?!!"

"Ummm yeah, he he he, one of those countries that starts with an 'S'"

"Oh so you meant Spain?"

"Ya ya... I'm blond! Get over it!! LOL"

Then I went and hid.

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Pete Mitchell said...


Don't worry; you're not alone bud. I am the king of blond moments.