Friday, January 27, 2006

Damn Ads

Don't you just hate it that ads will always find their way into your mailbox? Not just your electronic one, but your snail mail box too. I stopped most of my phone solicitations by registering online with the National Do not call registery.

But, I still have two wishes:

1) I communicate mostly online now: e-Cards, e-Mail, e-bills, e-banking, etc... so really the only thing I get in the mail now are ads! With snail mail I wish we could just turn off mail. I don't mean packages and such, I mean junk mail! Leave a little note on the mailbox for the postman.. NO JUNK MAIL!

2) I'd love to own an e-mail service. I'd set it up with e-mail filters of course, but an added bonus would be that everytime the computer senses bulk e-mailing, lets say more than 20 recipients it'll spam that person back! I'd make it start with 50 spams, then on second offense it'd increase to 100, then 1000, then 10,000! Eventually it'll overload their account and get it cancelled. Ahhhh, I can only dream LOL.


Lance said...

I got into an arguement with a fella once, and it was pretty bad, so I got even, I spammed him. I signed him up for all the spam I could, six months later we laughed about it when he changed his email to pleasesendmemorespam@... com

Anonymous said...

Hmmm- Um, actually didn't do much good, Lancie. I just installed a Baysian filter on the server. Catches the spam like fly paper & learns. Kind of creepy you did this though, sort of like stalking. Enough material here for a conference!