Thursday, December 15, 2005

Go Geeky Retro

Well, I found these great gift ideas for the friend you just want to help them emphasize how geeky they are! LOL

Can you imagine pulling up next to someone in your car and you glance over and see them talking on this beauty? I know you'd give them a second look and then think WTF?! LOL

Or you cruising the streets in L.A. in your tricked out, customized low rider. Windows down and stereo blaring - BOOM, BOOM-BOOM-BA-BOOM. And you have these babies proudly hanging from your rear view mirror. As you're cruising at 5 miles an hour down da lane, you tilt your sunglasses down and say to some hot mama walking by, "Yeah baby, I'm a geeky cool".

Oh and when you wrap the gift, make sure you use geek approved wrapping paper, the non-denominational paper would be best :)


James Mackenzie said...

You think that phone gets noticed, I'm saving up for the cell phone that is exactly like the old black rotary phone that was in Gramma's house.

Pete Mitchell said...

Aw shit! Looks like I gotta take your Christmas present back now, Rob. Damn!
Fuckin' Christmas.