Saturday, November 19, 2005

TV Dad Salaries

When I saw this list of top 60 TV dad salaries and I about fainted...

Most of these numbers are so unrealistic LOL. I mean come on, in 2005 dollars, Andy Griffin was making $84k a year!! DAMN!!! And Homer Simpson is pulling in a cool $65k a year - I soooo need his job LOL!!
MMmmmmmm dooooonuuuuttttssss

[-] See list here

(in 2005 $)
1Blake CarringtonDynasty (1981-89)CEO Denver-Carrington$856,515
2J.R. "Jock" Ewing, Sr.Dallas (1978-91)CEO Ewing Oil$838,569
3Philip DrummondDiff'rent Strokes (1978-86)President$720,600
4Chase GiobertiFalcon Crest (1981-90)Vineyard Owner$677,487
5George JeffersonThe Jeffersons (1975-85)CEO Jefferson Cleaners$555,702
6Michael BluthArrested Development (2003-present)CEO Real Estate Company$527,205
7Jed BartletWest Wing (1999-present)US President$400,000
8Andy BrownEverwood (2002-present)Neurosurgeon$328,949
9Sean McNamaraNip/Tuck (2003-present)Plastic Surgeon $274,456
10Vernon AlbrightMy Little Margie (1952-55)Investment Executive$270,035
11Walter FindleyMaude (1972-78)Appliance Store Owner$245,668
12Heathcliff HuxtableThe Cosby Show (1984-92)Obstetrician$237,932
13Tim TaylorHome Improvement (1991-99)Host of "Tool Time"$191,526
14George BaxterHazel (1961-66)Corporate Lawyer$178,880
15Frasier CraneFrasier (1993-2004)Radio Psychiatrist$164,644
16Jason SeaverGrowing Pains (1985-92)Psychiatrist$160,466
17Philip BanksFresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990-96)Judge$146,000
18Howard BordenThe Bob Newhart Show (1972-78)Airline Pilot$135,818
19Danny TannerFull House (1987-95)Morning Show Host$130,000
20Sandy CohenThe OC (2003-present)Lawyer$113,780
21Uncle Bill Davis Family Affair (1966-71)Consulting Engineer$111,353
22Sam AldrichThe Aldrich Family (1949-53)District Attorney$102,504
23Rob PetrieThe Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-66)Head Comedy Writer (TV)$95,941
24Tom CorbettThe Courtship of Eddie's Father (1969-72)Magazine Publisher$95,021
25Alan HarperTwo and a Half Men (2003-present)Chiropractor$87,672
26Andy TaylorThe Andy Griffith Show (1960-68)Sheriff$84,019
27Tom ScavoDesperate Housewives (2004-present)Regional Sales Manager$83,688
28Ross GellarFriends (1994-2004)Professor of Paleontology$81,904
29Darrin StephensBewitched (1964-72)Advertising Executive$70,785
30Homer SimpsonThe Simpsons (1989-present)Nuclear Safety Inspector$65,000
31Henry MitchellDennis the Menace (1986-88)Engineer$60,537
32Frank CostanzaSeinfeld (1990-98)Salesman$59,070
33Steve DouglasMy Three Sons (1960-72)Aviation Engineer$53,962
34Nate FisherSix Feet Under (2001-05)Funeral Director$53,366
35Ricky RicardoI Love Lucy (1951-57)Bandleader$51,931
36Frank De FazioLaverne & Shirley (1976-83)Pizza Bowl Manager$51,896
37Howard CunninghamHappy Days (1974-84)Hardware Store Manager$49,796
38Tom BradfordEight is Enough (1977-81)Columnist $49,065
39Lars "Papa" HansenMama (1949-56)Carpenter$48,170
40Carl WinslowFamily Matters (1989-98)Police Officer$48,000
41Herman MunsterThe Munsters (1964-66)Undertaker$47,268
42Chester A RileyThe Life of Riley (1953-58)Airplane Riveter$47,049
43Ray BaroneEverybody Loves Raymond (1996-2005)Sportswriter$46,852
44Ward CleaverLeave it to beaver (1957-63)Accountant$46,617
45Archie BunkerAll in the Family (1971-79)Dock Foreman$45,431
46George BurnsBurns and Allen (1950-58)Entertainer$44,386
47Danny WilliamsMake Room for Daddy (1953-65)Nightclub Entertainer$44,386
48Mike BradyBrady Bunch (1969-74)Architect$44,064
49Elliot StablerLaw & Order: SVU (1999-present)Detective$42,889
50Andy SipowiczNYPD Blue (1993-2005)Detective$42,889
51Steven KeatonFamily Ties (1982-89)Public TV Station Manager$40,713
52Jim AndersonFather Knows Best (1954-60)Insurance Agent$38,790
53Dan ConnerRoseanne (1988-97)Construction Worker$38,202
54Fred FlintstoneThe Flintstones (1960-66)Quarry Crane Operator$37,357
55Gary EwingKnots Landing (1979-93)Mechanic (first job)$33,529
56Fred G. SanfordSanford and Son (1972-77)Junk Dealer$27,950
57Al BundyMarried with children (1987-97)Shoe Salesman$25,943
58John Walton, Sr.The Waltons (1972-81)Lumberman$24,128
59Tony MicelliWho's the Boss? (1984-92)Housekeeper$21,281
60James Evans, Sr.Good Times (1974-79)Unemployed$0

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