Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thanksgiving idea

Well, I think I just went crazy today... maybe it was the Dr Pepper I drank today (I stopped drinking soda about 5 months ago, so I'm still on my sugar/caffeine rush as I type this - YAY). But I thought up a new way to celebrate Thanksgiving for us single people.

Turkey pizza! Yep with all the fixings... cranberry dipping sauce and for dessert - pumpkin pie pizza! YAY. I even went so far as to suggest this idea to Papa John's pizza LOL I hope I don't get any hate mail from them now LOL.

Here is what I wrote:

Hi I'm a long time fan of Papa John's pizza. I just wanted to share my idea that I got today. With Thanksgiving coming up, why not make a turkey pizza? I'm single and I have no idea how to cook a whole turkey, so why not help me celebrate?

I also remember trying a dessert pizza a long time ago - apple pie or something like that. So why not try making a pumpkin pie pizza to go with the turkey! half and half!! LOL. Ok I know that's getting carried away, but hey. I love turkey!

Keep up the great work!
Oops damn.. I forgot to mention the cranberry dipping sauce - oh well, maybe if they write me back for more ideas I'll mention it. Or maybe I'll just turn a bright shade of red when I realize what I've done after I get off this sugar high!!



Pete Mitchell said...

Aw man! The Papa John Pizza people are gonna hunt you down and kill you for that?

Note to self: don't order Papa John Pizza for a few days. Might wind up eating Rob.

Rob said...

EKKKKK!!!!! Naw, I actually got an e-mail saying thanks for the feedback - I suspect it was computer generated but I'll keep my fork at the ready for any Papa John's ninja assassin types at my door.

Oh and I think my idea is soooo much better than some other ones... like flavored sodas: turkey-and-gravy or green-beans-and-casserole-flavored sodas, corn-on-the-cob, broccoli-casserole and pecan pie.


Rob said...

Oh here is the main Jone's soda web site... EWWWWWWWW - surf with caution