Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Women Are EVIL!

Mathematical proof that women are evil!

Women are the product of time and money

Women = Time x Money

And given that time is money

Time = Money

We can substitute this and find that,

Women = Money x (Money) = ( Money )2

And also given that money is the root of all evil,

Money =

We can substitute this into the last equation:

Women = ()2

And the truth is revealed!

Women = EVIL

P.S. BTW all you women are not allowed to substitute "Men" in the place of "Women", because I said so... ppppbbbbbtttttttt


esprit de folie said...

Love it!

Big Dipper said...

Men are so scared of women. You have to add the post-script at the bottom because they truly are evil and would never, ever forget your insult. :)

Karen said...

Pretty good there...Sport...I think this particular Evil woman is gonna remember that...mwuhahaha!