Thursday, June 16, 2005



Ok, to start off with, I want everyone to know I am very non-judgemental about people. You do what you HAVE to do, or do what you LIKE to do... more power to you! (disclaimer: of course as long as it isn't something totally amoral, like child molesting!) So with that in mind, there are two things I want to say today:
(1) Wing: It sounds like you really enjoy what you're doing, but please, please, please, don't share too much! I enjoy silence!! (Somehow I think those darn Kiwi's are to blame for this one (sorry Paul LOL)-> Dancing Queen)
(2) So would you sue David Blaine for stealing your 'godly power'?... I was going to post a link to this guy's site, but why raise his hit count? It's not worth the brain cells you'll lose reading it.

*sigh* what is the world coming to?


Big Dipper said...

Wing needs to be clipped! I have never heard of her/him.
It does however sound uncannily like me in the shower!

Karen said...

OMG...Rob, how did you know how much I LOVE Wing???? I have all her hits!! And I heard that she is coming out with a duo CD with William Hung..woohoo!! J/K, please! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!