Saturday, June 4, 2005

My Father

I just finished watching Tim Burton's "Big Fish". *sniff*

My father is so very similar. His stories aren't as elaborate or well told, but repetitious nonetheless. I've done exactly what his son had done. I've become irritated, finished his stories or jokes for him and say things in exasperation like, "Yes, I've heard that story two thousand six hundred and twenty-three times now".

Well I still love you dad. I'd hate myself if I didn't tell you I loved you everytime we talked. I'd miss you terribly if something did ever happen to you. I just hope that you know we all still love you even in our disgusted looks and embarrasment of your actions. I know you won't change, and at this point I don't think I'd want you to. I just hope someday when I have children that I can share those stories of you, and pass on the knowledge and "wisdom" that I've learned from you. I love you dad.

Now I just have to think of something extra special for him on Father's day (only 2 weeks away!)

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Karen said...

When you had talked about watching Big Fish, I didn't even make the connection with your Dad...even though you had told me about his stories and what he is like. I'm glad you watched it and DID make that connection, it's great that you can see that in him now. Next time you get a flashlight, I know it will be greatly appreciated :)