Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Weight Watchers!!

OK revenge time....

I cringed when I got this result, but it'll be oh so sweet to see what Karen & Kali get... I hate seafood!! but MUWAAHAAAAHAAAAAAAA

You are Fluffy Mackerel Pudding!! You somehow
manage to combine seafood and dessert into
your wonderfully fluffy world. We should all
be as tolerant of New Taste Sensations. And
of big-yolked eggs.

What Weight Watchers recipe card from 1974 are you?
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Pete Mitchell said...

I am Liver Pate en Masque!!

"You are very, very scary. Yet, somehow... erotic? No, just scary."


Karen said...

I hate you...*sniff* I guess I have to post mine now.....grrr