Monday, February 6, 2006


You ever get the feeling that you’re invisible?

I don’t mean the t-shirt that I once saw (and can’t seem to find again) that said something like:

One tequila = I’m happy
Two tequilas = you’re sexy
Three tequilas = I’m superman
Four tequilas = I’m invisible!!

I guess I could call today one of those days for me (not the tequila part). Just driving into work today was a chore, I can’t tell you how long I had my blinker on before I finally “eased over” into the lane as my exit was about to pass.

Every morning I say hi to my fellow co-workers, but today, I guess being Monday I didn’t say much… and well, it was returned in kind.

I’m invisible today and I guess it’s actually a good thing. No one to look at me dumbfounded that I know nothing about the “super bowl” or those outrageously expensive commercials from yesterday. I love being blond and seeing the look on someone’s face when I respond, “oh I love bowling!” But not today. I’ll just sit in my office and stare at the computer screen. Oh all the work I could accomplish LOL.

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Lance said...

Invisible I think we all have those days. Unfortunately when we need someone to just notice us to call us by our names we forget how powerful that is.