Wednesday, August 24, 2005


The birthdays of today.... Aug 24th

Kenny Baker (R2D2 - Star Wars)
Orson Scott Card (novelist)
Dave Chappell (funny dude!)
Stephen Fry (voice of The Guide in HHGTTG)
Rafael Furcal (babeball dude!)
Carmine Giovinazzo (Detective Danny Messer - CSI:NY)
Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley - Harry Potter)
Steve Guttenberg (actor - Three men and a baby)
Craig Kilborn (The Late Late Show)
David Koechner (Cooter - Dukes of Hazard movie)
Jennifer Lien (Kes - Star Trek Voyager)
Marlee Matlin (Academy Award winning actress)
Vince McMahon (WWE dude!)
Reggie Miller (basketball dude!)
Chad Michael Murray (actor dude)
Christopher Parker (British actor dude)
Cal Ripken, Jr. (baseball dude!)
Harold John "Hal" Smith (Otis Campbell - Andy Griffin show)
Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy (novelist)
and Me!!!

... I think I'm in good company :)


Big Dipper said...

Happy Birthday Dude!!! My old lady's in Dallas area. I'd get her to pop by for a birthday treat for you if she wasn't saving it for me when she gets back:) It's her birthday on Monday.
Have a great day

Karen said...

Big Birthday Hugs to you my friend!! Have a good dinner tonight! Yay!, Ron Weasley!!