Monday, March 12, 2007

My Adventures with Dad #2

This adventure happened several weeks ago while my sister was still in town. And once again I'm going to give you a little background before jumping into the story.

Did I mention my dad is stubborn? I think I did. After being discharged from the hospital, I knew it was important for my dad to get his exercise. So my sister and I tried to make him walk when we went shopping for groceries or whatever. This particular excursion lead us to a super Walmart - oh the joys of Walmart. We needed to get a very particular item, lets just say it was something specifically for my dad... well, okay we needed a vinyl cover for his mattress since my dad has a bladder control issue. And if you're wondering, NO I'm not embarrassed about sharing this information with you all. When I was younger, he shared many embarrassing stories about me with perfect strangers while standing in line at the bank or even while waiting to get movie tickets - yeah, but lets not get into that much detail.

On this particular day, my dad decided that he didn't need to get too dressed up. He was sporting a light brown lined leather jacket over a white t-shirt, baby blue sweat pants that were pulled up over his belly button and just a little too tight for his egg-shaped frame, and finished off with dark green velcro strapped sandals. Perfect for Walmart.

It was the afternoon and the temperature was a crisp forty degrees. There was a slight breeze, but not bad enough to bite at your ears. We parked our van fairly close to the entrance and as we entered the store just past the shopping carts, my dad exclaimed that he wanted to get a cart he could ride on. I told him that he needed to walk and that we were just going in for a minute. He didn't need to get one. I left him with my sister and ran in to find the vinyl cover. It didn't take me long and within 5 minutes I was back near the entrance, but they were no where to be found. I turned around and my dad appeared behind me on his cart waiting anxiously to follow me where ever I was planning to go - a good ten feet to the cashier. My sister then made her appearance and told me that while attempting to get the cart my dad discovered that it wouldn't start. So he started kicking it and cursing. And then to her amazement, it started, but she was too embarrassed to be seen with him so she strode off in search of other things. We both rolled our eyes and had a good chuckle.

I don't think I want to take him to that Walmart again.

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Karen said...

Yes...yes you will go, and he will want to go....and so it continues...............*giggling to myself behind my hand*