Sunday, May 29, 2005

My Lonely Heart

(photo by Sean Tomkins)
Original picture by Sean Tomkins
I wonder if I will my heart will ever be whole
Where is my best friend, the other part of my soul
Does she exist, will I know if I find her
Or will I grow old, cynical and ever blinder

As the years tick away, I begin to lose hope
But I try not to be down, I just have to cope
I smile, I laugh, you see my outside
but my real inner feelings I tend to hide

So many wonderful women, but none of them fit
Its not like she will come in an unassembled kit
Where I can pick the pieces and parts of her inner fire
Only the things that I want and desire

But I don't want that, I want to be picked too
The thrill of learning and exploring someone new
To find that passion, that love, that happiness
The smell of her hair and feel of her caress

I'm still patiently waiting and exploring
And learning new things, so I'm never boring
But humor, heat and humdrum is what I reminisce
As a formula for long term bliss

So my lonely heart, let me tell you the truth
Be happy for now, and never be aloof
Continue to beat and survive another day
Because I love you my heart, please stay that way

(my poem was inspired by Shel Silverstein's The Missing Piece, Thank you Sasha)


Karen said...

No, I don't flatter of the most beautiful things I have ever read, perhaps because I know where it comes from....

MacManus said...

Nicely done mate...
Speaking of beer check out this site if you haven't already...
Have a good one and thanks for the comments on my blog

"Who Dares Wins"

esprit de folie said...

I hear ya! This is beautiful.